A "Black Swan Event" is when the unexpected occurs, causing a huge mindshift and change in how the world works. People never imagined that Black Swans existed, until the discovery of the first Black Swan... (as per book "The Black Swan", by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, 2007, that sold over 3 million copies)

Is a perception change the next Black Swan Event? Consider that by changing perception we might change the world. Look at everyday things from different angles. Find beauty in the unexpected...
Change our thinking, change our actions, change our world!

See that all people are part of God's puzzle and have something to give. Black swans do exist. The ugly duckling was actually a swan who needed to discover himself and where he fitted and be who he was meant to be. To the last, the lost and the least, you are beautiful as you are.
May all who visit this page feel God's touch and experience His blessing...

Friday, 8 March 2013

It's Hard To Counter Workplace Bullying

Imagine you are being targeted by a workplace bully: Your team leader, Steven, always takes credit for your work, as he presents it as his own. You are not invited to the monthly meetings with key business representatives, where other team members are given the opportunity to present their work, and your name is left off the invite of most other meetings where knowledge sharing takes place. To make matters worse, when you do take part in meetings, Steven uses every opportunity to push your buttons, for example he may openly criticise your work as totally on the wrong track, yet he told you mere hours before that it was fine. You have gotten quite angry in a few of these public forums when Steven is being unfair towards you, which he does in such a calm manner, yet you are sure everyone else can see the games that Steven plays, but you are aghast when team members begin to avoid you. When you confide in your resource manager that you believe you are being bullied, she tells you to grow up and to stop causing a fuss in the office. You realise you either need to try and find a new job, or put up with Steven's bullying. He did once tell you that all will go well if you support him. You realise if you become a threat to Steven, that he will attempt to eliminate you, be this due to allegations of incompetency or due to your quick temper. At the very least you decide that you need to start being very nice to Steven and to remain calm, as your bursts of righteous anger have only added fuel to Steven's allegations against you. You wonder if it's time to try a new tack and become more submissive and drop all of your pride, for the sake of earning a salary, or will this only make the bullying worse? Time will tell. You grimace inwardly. You have stressed over the bullying, almost becoming physically ill, but in a sudden mindshift, you have realised that, to Steven, you mean nothing, and it makes life easier when you now see the situation without emotional bondage, almost like a chess game, which is made up of move for move. You know if you keep doing the same thing, the situation is only going to get worse, so perhaps it's time to try something diametrically opposite. Two can play a game and it's time to see what strategy will work for your cause.

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