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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Why Do Some People Say Believing In God Is Like Believing Father Christmas Is Real?

I have occasionally heard people say, in their arguments against the existence of God, that believing in God is like believing Father Christmas is real. They may grin and say sardonically, sure, you can believe Father Christmas delivers toys to every girl and boy around the world on Christmas Day if you want to.

Consider this: is Father Christmas real? Of course not. The world knows Father Christmas does not exist. This is a known fact. There is nothing to prove. So why do people say, sure, believe in Father Christmas if you want to, when they are asked about God? What does Father Christmas have to do with God? Absolutely nothing! Equating belief in God with belief in Father Christmas is a false association and I believe is a form of brainwashing as a conditioned association. Some people immediately think of Father Christmas or the Tooth Fairy when asked about God, and they then laugh at this belief as being ridiculous, because they have been conditioned to equate God with these mythical stories.

How did this form of argument arise? Perhaps because some people know how ridiculous it will sound to be accused of having a belief in Father Christmas and they then say that believing in God is as ridiculous? If the argument is posed in this way, then I see the point. But I don't see why people say you might as well believe in Father Christmas, because we know there is no Father Christmas, but we do not know with certainty that there is no God. I state that there is a God, though I admit to my own doubts at times, but my faith grows stronger day by day.

I ask you now to break any association in your own mind between Father Christmas and God, if this is something you do too. Allow the argument for or against God to stand alone, without ridicule and conditioning. Allow yourself to find your own truth without being tainted by the preconceived ideas and mockery of other people. You will then be able to find your own truth through perception free of past association.

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